Registrars List

For information on becoming a registrar for .gr and .ελ domain names please visit EETT's website. The list of registrars can be found here .

Technical Requirements for Accessing the Registry Systems

All services / applications provided to registrars are accessible only by static Internet Protocol (IP) addresses which must be registered in the Registry’s system by each registrar. Thus, at least one static IP address is required for each registrar. Registrars may declare a limited number of static IP address via which may connect to the Registry systems.

The following services / applications are provided to registrars both in the production and the testing environment.

EPP Service

The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (RFC3730, RFC3731, RFC3732, RFC3733, RFC3734, RFC3735, IETF ) may be used by registrars for connecting to the Registry's EPP Server. The EPP Server exposes an XML interface over HTTPS for managing entities in the Registry. In order for registrars to make use of the EPP Server, they should develop an EPP client application based on the EPP specification standards.

The Registry makes available to the registrars the following:

  • The EPP protocol specifications, including the custom extensions implemented by the Registry.
  • Instructions for connecting their applications to the Registry systems.

Our technical staff is available for any clarification, but please note that we do not provide any support for application development, and / or any information on the availability of EPP client applications by third-party providers.

WHOIS Service

Registrars are able to query the Registry systems over HTTP for the availability of a particular domain name, or its syntactic validity. In addition, registrars are given the option to provide this service to their clients via their websites. In this case, registrars must develop or obtain from third-party providers an application compatible with our WHOIS service as it is not related to the well known WHOIS service provided by Registries on port 43. A simple HTTP GET or POST request that contains the domain name may be used to obtain a response from the Registry's WHOIS service.

Web Based Domain Name Management System

The Registry provides a Web based system for the management of domain names by registrars. Registrars have access to the full functionality of the Registry systems, without the need to develop their own custom EPP client application for connecting to the EPP Service.