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Domain Names

Domain names in the Registry-Registrars-Users model are registered via registrars. A list of all .gr and .ελ registrars is available here


Brief instructions for the registration of a .gr or .ελ domain

Registration Restrictions

Restrictions for the registration of .gr and .ελ domains


Regulation on Management and Assignment of .gr and .ελ Domain Names.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions about .gr and .ελ registrations

Domains with Greek Characters

The registration of domains with Greek characters (e.g. ίδρυματεχνολογίαςέρευνας .gr) has started on the 4th of July 2005

Domains with Greek characters

Registration of domain names in Greek characters

Homograph domains

Homographs are those domains which visually match the lower or upper case, accented or unaccented form, and their non-variable field is the same

IDNA Converter (IDNA2008)

Convert an international domain name (Unicode) to its ASCII encoding form


The Registry of .gr and .ελ domain names supports DNSSEC (DNS Security) technology and offers the Registry Lock Service (RLS)

The use of DNSSEC (DNS Security) technology verifies the integrity and accuracy of the .gr name servers answers
.GR Registry Lock Service
.gr Registry Lock Service (RLS), provides users with an optional higher level of protection for .gr domain names